Jasmin Attia

Welcome to my home. Everything I write about comes from some deep personal experience as an American with Egyptian heritage. While my characters are all fictional, they always echo the voices I have heard once upon a time. Please take a walk though my pages. You will find books to read and hot steaming Egyptian coffee to sip on while you sift through my favorite links to Egyptian cinema, dance, and recipes, otherwise known as my muses.



Jasmin Attia’s debut novel takes place in Cairo Egypt in the nascent 1920’s, an era of aristocratic colonial decadence and rising political tension. Laila is a sixteen, poor, illiterate, and has just been married to an abusive officer who beats her on her wedding night and forbids her from singing. When she meets a childhood friend one day while buying fabric, he promises to teach her how to read. As their secret lessons progress, their friendship ignites into a forbidden love that threatens their very survival.